FHW8001G - Hygenall Foaming Soap - Case of 4

Great for use after handling firearms and other items with lead or heavy metals. Hygenall Foaming Soap removes Lead and other toxic heavy metals from hands and face. Safe for all family members. Hygenall LeadOff Foaming Soap does everything regular soap does, plus one more thing: Hygenall foaming soap breaks the electromagnetic bond between skin and Lead, and is made under license from the Centers for Disease Control. Meets EPA rules for lead dust removal.

1 gallon bottle, includes foaming pump

 Made in USA

  • great for use at firing range: Foaming Soap for hands & face
  • Lead cleanup: Meets EPA rules
  • Lead remover: Safe for all family members
FHW8001G - Hygenall Foaming Soap - Case of 4
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  • Item #: FHW8001G (case of 4 with 1 pump)
  • Manufacturer: Hygenall
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FHW8001G
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